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One small change: Keep from wearing all one colour

One small change: Keep from wearing all one colour

Why make the change

"An outfit that's entirely one colour can look samey-samey at best, and at worst not very creative. Even a hint of a complementary colour is good to break up all the navy (or black) and keep you from fading into the background. We went for yellow here, which is unexpected; my go-to colours are burgundy and dark green."

Thread's style director, Shaunie Brett

Why this works

  1. The shirt also adds a contrasting texture. "The more similar the texture of your top and trousers, the better it is if you break them up. Navy jeans and a navy t-shirt isn't too bad because the fabrics will catch the light differently. Navy chinos and a navy shirt, on the other hand, are too similar in texture: that's a good time to add colour."
  2. The colour is an underlayer, so you can choose a daring colour. "If you're not used to wearing colour—or you go for a brighter hue like yellow or green, choose a shirt or t-shirt, and wear a jumper or sweatshirt on top. This way the colour won't be too in-your-face."
  3. The colour is in two places, so it looks more casual. "Do this with a shirt or t-shirt, and leave it untucked, and it won't look too deliberate."


Photographed: Marks & Spencer navy sweatshirt (£17.50), Jigsaw linen shirt (£65), Paul Smith selvedge jeans (£78)