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Blue gets a bad rap. In menswear terms, it’s the default. Your wardrobe’s most ubiquitous shade isn’t as as edgy as black, or as attention-grabbing as, say, maroon. It goes with everything, just like a beige wall goes with everything. It’s sartorial background, wardrobe white noise, the unassuming, unimpressive, unexciting colour that’s common because it’s easy, and easy because it’s common.

But all blues are not born equal. Yes, there’s dull navy, the colour of a sigh. But there are also those blues the colour of a summer sky, radiant and breath-catching. Blue quite literally exists on a spectrum, and there’s a version for any time or mood. Which means that, if you feel like giving a wardrobe a galvanizing jolt, there’s a hue to suit (and electric blue’s a good start).

Of blue’s innumerable positives, perhaps the biggest is that you’re already used to wearing it. When nudging their clients away from neutrals, our stylists tend to advise they keep things muted, dark tones being easier to blend in with the grey, beige and, yes, navy that populates the male wardrobe. But with blue, you’re already an expert. You know what colours it works with (almost all) and the pieces that offer the best results (basically anything). So you can dial the brightness up without the risks you’d take if suddenly adding safety orange to a set of muted clothes.

It can be something as simple as a bolder tee or knit, which act as the centrepiece that peps up to the other neutrals you’re wearing. Or if big, bold block colours seem too big a shift, then think smaller; brighter details on shirts or shoes, a flash of pattern that creates a visual counterpoint to everything else you’re wearing. Style is, after all, about contrasts. So this season, let blue infuse your look with a touch of creative tension. It’s the best way to look on the bright side.

Words: Tom Banham