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How to: Wear a blazer with jeans

How to: Wear a blazer with jeans

Blazers are such a tricky topic for Thread guys that we've already shared five ideas on how to wear one, another five for a particular favourite (the textured blazer), and some insights as to why a suit jacket is not a blazer alternative.

And yet one question remains: what are the secrets to wearing a blazer with jeans? Below we've shared winning blazer-and-jeans outfit ideas—and the reasons they all work well. But first, here's when to opt for this combo.

"We stylists are often asked what to wear to ambiguous occasions that are smarter but don't require a suit, like engagement or anniversary parties, nights out, awards ceremonies and dinner dates," says Thread senior stylist Alice Watt. "A blazer and jeans are almost always your best bet: polished and put-together, but not trying too hard."

The five keys to wearing a blazer and jeans

1. All the clothes are on the smart side of casual. Cases in point: indigo jeans, Oxfords or jumpers and shoes that aren't too smart

2. The blazers aren't shiny. If your blazer's matte, it doesn't look like a suit jacket. Bonus points if it's unstructured, too; that makes it more casual. Look for these words in the product description: tweed, textured, unstructured, relaxed, cotton.

3. The jeans are dark and slim or straight. You want jeans that match the blazer in smartness. Dark denim is smarter than light denim—and black jeans are even smarter. Slim or straight cuts are sharper (and more flattering) than regular or skinny fits.

4. The shoes are between smart and casual. Wondering whether yours will work? Consult our handy guide. 

5. Same goes for the top. An Oxford is a good choice, but a jumper, polo shirt or even a t-shirt will work well, too. Tuck your shirt in to look smarter, or leave it untucked if you're going smart.

Photographed: Paul Smith black jeans (£55), Paul Smith khaki wallet (£48), New Balance neutral trainers (£109), Oliver Spencer grey blazer (£224), Uniform Wares watch (£600), MVP white Oxford shirt (£25)

Photographed: Visvim blazer (£449), Oliver Spencer chambray shirt (£99), RRL slim selvedge jeans (£215)

Photographed: Marks & Spencer blazer (£99), Paul Smith selvedge jeans (£78), Sanders desert shoes (£129)

Photographed: Reiss oatmeal rollneck (£95), Paul Smith indigo jeans (£68), Converse white Chuck Taylors (£65)