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Can I pull off: Trainers with a suit?

Can I pull off: Trainers with a suit?

"Yes," says Thread stylist Luke McDonald. "But there are a lot of complicating factors."

Obviously trainers and a suit won't work for a smart office—and we've all seen our fair share of perfect suits ruined by clunky runners while commuting—but if you choose wisely you can pull off this wide range of smart and casual styles.

"At the very least, this is a canny way of saving your office shoes from getting shabby as you pound the pavement each morning," says Luke. "And if you work in a creative office and like pushing dress-code boundaries, the combo can earn you some style points."

Why this works

1. The colour of the trainers matches the suit."Navy trainers with a navy suit makes sense and works tonally; it doesn't draw the eye any more than trainers already will."
2. Choose a slim, classic trainer style. "Adidas Gazelles are iconic trainers, but the right pair of minimal trainers would work, too.
3. They're not too flashy. "The big statement is the fact that you're wearing trainers with a suit in the first place, so steer clear of overtly sporty trainers; you don't want anything bright or bulky in any way."
4. Pair them with a slim, single-breasted suit. "Slim suits are modern enough to go with trainers; these would never look right with a double-breasted, three-piece, or even regular-fit suit. The chasm between casual and formal—and modern and traditional—would be too wide."