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Q&A: Why would I ever need a suede brush?

Q&A: Why would I ever need a suede brush?

"The great thing about suede is that its texture adds subtle interest to an outfit," says Thread's style director, Shaunie Brett. "The annoying thing about suede is that the same textured grain can show wear (particularly the effects of a rain shower) more obviously than other leather does."

Enter the suede brush, which tames roughed-up suede so all the grains line up and look smart. While it might seem like an unnecessary purchase that you'd use once and inevitably lose, if you own suede shoes or a suede jacket, you should also own a brush. Why? "Suede isn't actually more high-maintenance than leather, but it does require an occasional brushing to keep the grains from going scraggly," Shaunie explains. "The good news is that suede doesn't show scuffs as quickly as polished leather does." 

Here, Shaunie's guide to when (and how) to use a suede brush.

When to use a suede brush 1. After your suede gets wet

"Suede's grains hold on to water more than other leather does, so you should avoid wearing suede when the forecast says rain. But if you do get suede wet, just let it dry for 24 hours and then do a light brushing. This will keep watermarks at bay."

When to use a suede brush 2. When suede starts to look a little tired

"By nature suede attracts dust, and when the grains are pointing every which way the texture can look messy. The brush removes dust and evens up the texture, making it look as good as new."

When to use a suede brush 3. On faux suede 

"Suede brushes work as well on faux suede as they do on the real thing."

And also ... How to use a suede brush without ruining your shoes

  1. Put your hand in the shoe. This creates resistance and makes it easier to clean every corner of each shoe.
  2. Always work heel to toe. This will help maintain suede's natural grain. 
  3. Don't go too hard. Suede brushes sometimes have two sides: a wiry side and a gentler side. Brush lightly with the softer side, using the wiry side only on very stubborn watermarks.  

Shaunie's favourite suede brushes