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Q&A: I'm sick of t-shirts. What else can I wear to the pub?

Q&A: I'm sick of t-shirts. What else can I wear to the pub?

The pub: no need to pull out all the stops, so it's easy to fall into the old jeans-and-t-shirt routine every weekend. It's obviously hard to beat quality staples worn well—but if you're bored, there are other ways to dress that look every bit as relaxed. 

Below, Thread stylist Freddie Kemp talks us through some options that avoid the inevitable. (Thanks to Thread user Shaun for this idea!)

Tip 1. Trade your t-shirt for a rugby shirt

“Classic rugby shirts like this—and you'll want one of these, rather than anything made of polyester—have collars, which help them look a little smarter than t-shirts (they're more like polo shirts). But it's still just one layer, and it's got a sporty feel, which keeps everything pub-appropriate." 

Photographed: Gant grey rugby shirt (£120), Levi's vintage jeans (£225), Jigsaw white trainers (£98) 

Tip 2. Opt for a bold colour

"OK, so this is still technically a t-shirt. But look around you in the pub and you'll see that most guys are in pale neutral colours, or maybe logo t-shirts. A bold colour shows that you've put some thought into what you're wearing, and you've gone to the effort of styling it. Keep it from looking too loud by throwing a casual jacket—like a Harrington or bomber—over top."

Photographed: Fred Perry Harrington jacket (£175), RRL jeans (£215), RRL orange tee (£59)

Tip 3. Buy a good pair of boots

"Boots always trump trainers in making casual outfits a bit more put-together and mature—without really rocking the boat. If the boots in this outfit were replaced by trainers, for example, it wouldn't be as strong a look. We've put together a guide to finding the best boots for you, or you can see whether you'd get wear out of work boots."

Photographed: Mr Start navy merino jumper (£110), Research Garments white t-shirt (£15), Levi's vintage jeans (£225), Church’s black boots (£355)

Tip 4. Try a shacket

"We actually call them overshirts—these shirt-jacket hybrids that are the answer to iffy weather and an ideal jumper alternative. They're a favourite of Thread users and stylists alike because they're easy, masculine and comfortable—one of the most winning combinations."

Photographed: The Workers Club jacket (£160), Norse Projects navy chinos (£100), Armor Lux striped t-shirt (£39), Church's black boots (£355)