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Q&A: I like wearing suits. What should I wear on weekends?

Q&A: I like wearing suits. What should I wear on weekends?

Getting confident with a nine-to-five look is one thing: once you know your way around teaming a suit, shirt and tie, everything falls into place. But looking good at the weekend can feel like a completely different ball game. 

Thread stylist Freddie Kemp has some advice to help you feel every bit as put-together at the weekend as you do at work: "Keep the sorts of designs you already feel the most stylish and confident in, and learn how to make them look casual enough for your off-duty days."

Below, Freddie's top five tips on reliably styling yourself for days out of the office.

  1. Go for the shapes you're used to, but a bit more relaxed. "Look for a blazer that has little or no padding in the shoulders. This will look more relaxed as soon as you put it on. Details like patch pockets also make a jacket more casual than the sort of blazer or suit jacket you'd wear to the office."
  2. Choose a shirt in a relaxed fabric. "Chambray shirts will never look formal, but they have the same fit and feel that you'll be used to from weekdays."
  3. Opt for straight or tapered jeans. "These two types of jeans feel relaxed, but they're also smart enough to work with everything, including blazers, shirts, and t-shirts. If you don't have to think about whether the fit works, you can just relax."
  4. Choose desert or Chelsea boots. "Suede is a nice balance between smart and casual, as it has the feel and colour of leather, but a slightly more relaxed, rugged look that's ideal for this sort of outfit."

Photographed: Visvim academia blazer (£449),  Oliver Spencer blue chambray shirt (£99), RRL slim selvedge jean (£215)