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Clothes for specific weather

Q&A: How do I dress for weird spring weather?

Q&A: How do I dress for weird spring weather?

There's no winning with the weather at this time of year. You walk outside and it's freezing, you're sweating on the tube, and there's often a 10-degree difference between morning and afternoon.

Layers are the Thread stylists' solution to iffy and in-between weather: you can peel them off for the tube and pile them on in an air-conditioned office. The three-part combination below, for instance, gives you five outfit options ... and when you wear the three pieces together, the result is both comfortable and flattering. "Nothing's too tight, but the shirt-style jacket gives your upper body structure," says Thread senior stylist Georgia Boal-Russell, who recommends pairing the clothes below with jeans and trainers or desert or lace-up boots.

Here's how to layer when the weather's weird this spring

1. Start with a plain t-shirt. "The base t-shirt should be simple and un-bulky enough that the shirt and jacket will sit nicely on top. I like grey t-shirts because they're slightly more forgiving than white t-shirts."

2. Throw on any casual shirt. "Most casual shirts work, although it's best if the collar's not button-down. (Makes for too many buttons.) Go for flannel if it's cold outside, chambray if the weather's warm, and regular cotton if it's somewhere in between. You don't even need to iron the shirt first: layering's rugged nature means nothing needs to look perfect."

3. Add a lightweight jacket. "Choose a casual jacket with a shirt-like shape: a utility jacket like this one, a denim jacket, a field jacket, or even a raincoat can look good. Avoid cropped jackets like Harrington or bomber jackets, which will make the shirt bunch."

4. Keep everything relaxed. "This outfit is easy—ideal for a casual Friday or a weekend afternoon at the pub. None of the layers should pull or look tight, and you can turn up the jacket's sleeves to show the different textures."