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What exactly is: Salt and pepper knit?

What exactly is: Salt and pepper knit?

In a nutshell

Salt and pepper knit is a casual knit with irregular flecks in its dark or light thread or yarn: the name derives from the scattered speckles of black and white. 


Knitters have been doing their thing since the Middle Ages, and this particular approach could be one of the most primitive as it involves using fibres with irregular colouring—a natural occurrence in the early days of dyeing. Today's salt-and-pepper knits come in every weight, weft and fabric—and are used in everything from heavy wool jumpers to textured blazers to breezy cotton tees. 

How to wear it well

Whether in a blazer or a t-shirt, a salt-and-pepper knit can be more flattering than block colours because it creates a visual distraction from, say, the stomach area you're self-conscious about. The texture can also make clothes a bit weightier and more structured, so they're less likely to cling. And in addition, the knit "can elevate an outfit," says Thread's Luke McDonald. "You wear a salt-and-pepper tee with jeans and trainers and you immediately benefit from that texture—and have a good base for between-season layering."

Photographed: Research Garments light grey t-shirt (£20); Research Garments dark grey t-shirt (£20)