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The three reasons to care about: Jigsaw

The three reasons to care about: Jigsaw

There are a few standout brands our stylists always return to, no matter how much our inventory expands. For Sam Monaghan, one such brand is Jigsaw, which he says “offers great clothes, that are easy to wear, at a really good price for the quality. They really care about making great clothes, and it shows."

Here, Sam shares the top three reasons you might be interested in Jigsaw.

1. Light clothes that aren't just for the beach

Linen shirts and t-shirts are obviously the coolest things to wear in hot weather, but they're usually so casual you can only wear them on holiday. Jigsaw's linen shirts (and cotton, too, for that matter) aren't just beach shirts. The trick is to look for shapes that are similar to your usual shirts and t-shirts. That means they're appropriate for evenings out up to even the office.” 

Photographed: Pocket t-shirt (£15)

2. Highbrow mills and manufacturers – at high street prices

“Sure, their prices aren't the cheapest, but Jigsaw could arguably charge more considering the kinds of suppliers they use. They have a team that scours the world for the best manufacturers of particular pieces. Fashion people rate the jumpers, and the suits also stand out: their cuts are smart and not overly slim or regular fit, and they're made in collaboration with an Italian mill usually reserved for pricier designers. Using a good Italian mill makes a difference because the suits will look less shiny (which usually translates to more expensive) and fabric and colour won't show wear."

Photographed: Jigsaw jacket (£112)

3. Colourful clothes that are easy to wear (and that won’t shrink)

“You’ll sometimes see unusual colours amongst the things from Jigsaw – like mustard yellow or an unusual green—but the tones they use will work with all the neutrals you rely on, like navy, grey and white. It's always good to look for clothes that are garment-dyed, meaning their colour is rich rather than bright, and also prewashed, which means the t-shirts or shirts won't shrink when you wash them for the first time."

Photographed: Jigsaw pocket t-shirt (£35); Jigsaw grey shorts (£49)