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Making the case for: Pastels

Making the case for: Pastels

"The idea behind pastels is intuitive: one light colour can reinvigorate an entire outfit. Particularly at this time of year—when you might have had your fill of navy and black—one pastel item, be it a t-shirt, sweatshirt or pair of trainers, can make your entire closet feel springier. In fact, wearing one piece of pastel can also be a very economical way to switch seasons while keeping your favourite basics in rotation.

Photographed: Edwin pink t-shirt (£29), All Saints grey hoodie (£80)

"To me, the light colours here can feel almost energising—but I see how they'd overwhelm the more conservative dresser. If they're too much for you, there are easy entry-level pastels: soft shades of green aren't too eye-catching and complement every complexion, and the same goes for an oatmeal- or cream-coloured t-shirt or jumper.

Photographed: Gitman Vintage light blue shirt (£145), Paul Smith peach sweatshirt (£85), Topman pink sweatshirt (£40), Reiss pink socks (£12), Reiss light blue socks (£12), Edwin pink t-shirt (£29), Edwin light blue t-shirt (£29), Edwin mint t-shirt (£29)

"If you're still dubious, I always recommend starting small: with socks, which will give you a fresh jolt of colour without stealing the show. Another option's a t-shirt, as even a pastel collar and hem peeking out from under a jumper or jacket can look more considered than a white or navy tee—and show a touch of seasonality. 

Photographed: Common Projects mint-green trainers (£249)

"Of course there's the caveat that you shouldn't go overboard: wear several pastels together and you'll look like the most Instagrammable ice cream cone (unless that's what you're going for, in which case I commend you 100 percent). Instead, add one solid-coloured piece to your foundation of grey, white and navy—and steer clear of black unless you want a stark contrast.

"In terms of your complexion, pastels won't usually jar as long as you avoid pairing like with like; if you're rosy-cheeked I'd avoid pink, and if your skin has a yellow undertone skip yellow hues. If your skin's tan, olive, brown or black, please try a pastel: the colours will suit you more than anyone else.

"If there was a brand I'd recommend for pastels, it's Our Legacy. They do pale pink, purple and oatmeal in minimal shirts, sweatshirts and t-shirts—perfect for pairing with your usual weekend jeans."

Thread stylist Millie Rich