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How to: Shop the summer sales strategically

How to: Shop the summer sales strategically

The main thing to remember when shopping the summer sales: “You shouldn’t feel like you’re exclusively shopping for now, because the summer sale range isn’t focused on summer,” says Thread’s Style Director Shaunie Brett. “You’ll find knitwear next to shorts, so you could just as easily buy a linen shirt to wear for the rest of the summer—or a pair of jeans you’ll wear year-round.”

Here, Shaunie’s five tips to shopping the summer sales strategically (try saying that ten times fast!).

Summer sale tip 1. Don’t go in with an idea of what you want

“Sale shopping is frustrating if you have a goal,” Shaunie says. “At this stage of the summer sales, you’re going to come out with really great pieces you’ve happened to come across—not something you intended to find.”

Summer sale tip 2. Buy at the extremes: either classic or daring

Shaunie advises approaching the sale in one of two (opposite) ways:

  1. Scour it to see if you can find some quality basics you'll wear all the time. Because there are certainly some great staple shirts, t-shirts, jeans and jumpers for a fraction of their usual prices
  2. Or look for something that’s a bit more daring, which you wouldn’t try if it was full price. This way, if you don’t wear it much you haven’t really lost out because it didn't cost you much. 

“Jeans are a good basic piece to buy in the sale, for example, because they come in so many different sizes that there are often a handful put into the sale,” she says. “And t-shirts in brighter colours, or bold-pattern shirts with a bit of personality, are often discounted because they’re not universally appealing; the sale can be a good excuse to try something different with little risk.”

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Summer sale tip 3. Check the discount

“Look at the sale price and see how much of a bargain it really is,” Shaunie recommends. “If you’re on the fence and it’s hugely discounted, I’d go ahead and buy it. But if it’s only 10 percent off, you could wait to see if better option pops up in a month or two.” 

Summer sale tip 4. Try a quality or brand experiment

“Sale shopping can be a great chance to see whether quality really changes at different price points—or whether a pricier brand would be worth investing in,” says Shaunie. “You have the chance to buy a £50 t-shirt for £30, or invest in a pair of selvedge jeans for the first time, so you can see whether the difference in quality (and price) is really worth it for you.

“Or you could try a more premium brand you’ve been curious about to see whether its stuff suits you: get something in the sale from Paul Smith, AllSaints or even Burberry, for instance, and you may find yourself buying less in the future, and instead saving up for key pieces from the brand.”

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Summer sale tip 5. Don’t restrict yourself to only things you need right now

“Flexibility is key to getting the most out of the summer sales,” Shaunie says. “Be open to buying everything from linen shirt you'll it once in the next few weeks—then a dozen times next summer–or a sweatshirt that'll take you through to autumn and even winter. As long as you’re not buying things that will go out of style, you won't go wrong.”

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