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Meet our new sustainable brand: Spun

Meet our new sustainable brand: Spun

Sustainability is a word that’s tossed around a lot in the fashion industry these days. And there’s no denying that’s a good thing, but with the litany of terms and practices and ideologies, it can also be really confusing too. So when it came to launching our next brand, we didn’t just want to create the most sustainable brand that we could, we also wanted to be as transparent about it as possible – shortcomings and all  – and educate our customers about our sustainability journey along the way. 

The result is Spun, a brand of casual wear and wardrobe basics that are made using only organic cotton or recycled polyester yarns and fabrics (more about why that’s good later). To ensure that these products have as long a shelf life as possible, we also designed them so they won’t go out of style next season – or even next year – so they can become evergreen staples that slot seamlessly into your wardrobe.

We also weren’t satisfied with just using environmentally friendly fabrics – we wanted to ensure every step of the process is as sustainable as we could, too. We’re certainly not perfect, and we're evolving with each season, but we thought we’d share how we’re doing thus far. If we get into the details a bit, it's only because we care a lot about this stuff.

We hope you enjoy wearing these pieces as much as we enjoyed making them. 

The materials we use 

We’re not into using materials with a short shelf life. That’s why all of our products are made using only organic cotton or recycled polyester yarns and fabrics. Organic cotton is made up of at least 95% certified organic material. Recycled polyester is made from either pre- or post-consumer waste. Pre-consumer waste is a material that was discarded before it was ready for consumer use. Post-consumer waste is material discarded after someone uses it.  

Photographed: Spun Organic Cotton T-Shirt (£25)

The stuff that hold our garments together

We care a lot about garment strength because we want you to get excellent value per wear. When it comes to the threads that hold your garment together, cotton ones are more likely to snap during the sewing process, which also means that during wearing and washing, they’re less durable. To be considerate of this and the environment, we use polyester threads consisting of only recycled polyester (the kind made from consumer waste).

Photographed: Spun Organic Cotton T-Shirt (£25)

The dyes that colour our garments

We currently use safe chemical dyes, but we want to be better, so we’re exploring how we can use plant-based, natural dyes, whilst still offering exceptional colour variety, quality, and value. We hope to deliver on our promise by 2021. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as we go. 

Our volumes 

Part of our philosophy is only buying enough volume to meet anticipated demand. We’d rather sell out of an item than be left with dead stock. Because we design products that won’t go out of fashion next season, or even next year, we don’t need to keep reinventing the wheel, meaning we won’t accumulate tonnes of stock. It’s a small win for the environment, but an important one for us nonetheless.

The packaging we use

Rather than single-use plastic bags, our recycled and recyclable band roll keeps our garments neatly packaged and in pristine condition. Win, win. 

Shop Spun products and discover everything about Spun's ethical production processes and fabrics.

Words: Allison Pavlick
Photography: Angus Williams
Styling: Toby Standing