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How to shop sustainably on Thread

How to shop sustainably on Thread

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world and as a retailer, we know we have our part to play in improving that. While we can't overhaul an entire industry (yet), what we can do is help you make better buying decisions.

"Having seen first-hand how complicated the supply chain is for fashion, I understand how customers can sometimes feel overwhelmed and be tempted to just give up," says Kirsty Dodson, Head of Private Label at Thread. "But what we wanted was to create a sustainability guide that's easy to understand and simple to use."

To do that, we've created a Sustainability button that you can click to filter your search results. You'll find this new option alongside Brands, Colours, and Price when you browse our site. But, because we know that what might matter to one person might not be a concern for another, you can also filter by Vegan and Organic Fibres as well.

Where possible, we've used information from certification schemes like Fair Trade, OEKO-TEX, and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) to benchmark our brands.  However, not all brands offer certified products and so, where appropriate, we've gathered information from other sources including Good On You and our own research. There's still a lot more we can do, but it's a vital first step – and one we hope you'll join us on.


Organic Fibres

Must contain 95% or more organic fibres.


No animal products, including by-products such as down. As a company, Thread operates a no-fur policy. 


Must contain 50% or more recycled materials, either man-made or natural.