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Why now is the time to establish a skincare routine

Why now is the time to establish a skincare routine

So you’ve heard a lot of shouting about routines lately, have you? The fitness kind, the healthy eating kind, the best-sleep-of-your-life kind. Everyone and their 300-something odd Instagram followers have suddenly become routine evangelists. And sure, based on the title of this article, you've probably guessed no different.

But hear us out – you know a skincare routine is something you should probably be getting into. In fact, it’s probably been on your to-do list for a while, so why not use this grim situation we find ourselves in to finally introduce your skin to the power of moisturiser? Because if there are a few silver linings to come out of all this, then getting your best-ever skin might as well be one of them. We can hear your questions from here, so we’ve asked skincare expert Steven O’Neill of the Grooming Clinic to answer them for you. 

Which skincare basics should I stock up on?

When you’re building a regime, you need to make sure you start from the ground up. It’s counterproductive to have the most expensive lotions and potions, only to find that you're not preparing your skin properly before using them.  

1. A solid face wash 

Start with a good face wash – one which doesn't leave the skin feeling tight afterwards, and one which certainly suits your skin type. Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser is incredible – I use it everyday and have done so for almost 10 years. Keeping your skin clean will help to stop excess shine – it will also hold-back breakouts and blackheads. Most importantly, applying your products to clean, perfectly prepared skin will ensure that your products get better access to your skin order to deliver their purpose.

2. A hardworking face scrub  

Build a scrub into your regime and use it twice or three times weekly, preferably before shaving. Your scrub will stop your skin from appearing dull. It will also help to reduce clogged pores, prevent ingrown hairs, and make your shave more comfortable. Be gentle with it (you’re not sanding a piece of wood here!) and work it around the contours of the face.

3. A moisturiser with SPF

Use a moisturiser with SPF all year round, and be sure to always apply it to clean, dry skin. This will keep your skin hydrated, help to turn back the years, and also defend against environmental damages caused by UVA/UVB rays. My absolute must-have is Heliocare 360 Oil Free Dry Touch Gel. It protects against UVA, UVB, and Infrared Light. It leaves no white haze on the skin and also maintains the perfect matte finish. It’s a real winner. 

How regularly should I be applying them?

You really need to be doing this daily in this order: 

1. Cleanse your skin with lukewarm water and your face wash. 

2. Scrub twice weekly after cleansing, and follow with moisturiser.

3. At night time, you don't need to use SPF, so build in a hydrating moisturiser. 

If possible, run this process twice daily, but if you only do it once each day, make sure you clean your face before going to bed. This will wash the day off your skin and allow it to repair itself while it’s clean.

What products should I consider if I want to go the extra mile? 

My top-tip on pulling out the big guns – think serums, peels, and the like – is only use them when you need to. Your skin is resilient and will build tolerance to products very quickly. If you use them all of the time, they’ll no longer pack the punch that you need them too. So my advice is always to hold back on the tough stuff until you really need it. But if you're concerned about ageing skin, take a good look at products that feature retinol, and if you’re concerned about hydration and/or dry skin, Hyaluronic Acid is the thing for you.

We hear lots of guys voicing concerns about the skin around their eyes. If you share these concerns, make sure you drink enough water and apply a tiny, teeny-weeny amount of eye cream once daily, my go-to is always Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic & Retinol Eye Cream, it’s an investment piece but well worth it. 

Are there lifestyle choices that will work wonders on my skin? 

Absolutely, and the first one is make sure you drink enough water. If you drink the required amount of water each day, religiously, I promise you will notice a vast improvement in the condition of your skin. Limit caffeine intake, avoid excessive amounts of sugar, and drink water regularly throughout the day. Exercise is also great for flushing some toxins from the skin through sweating so try to get moving.

Words: Allison Pavlick