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The desk drawer grooming essentials

The desk drawer grooming essentials

Even if you don’t spend your days labouring at a literal coalface, the daily grind can sap more than just your energy. The solution, whether you need a post-lunch touch-up or you’re heading out from work and need to clear away the nine-to-five, is a top drawer stocked with life’s little grooming saviours. We’re not saying you need to bring the bathroom cabinet to to work. But these products will help keep you sharp, whatever the day throws at you.

A just-in-case deodorant

Perhaps you left the house in a rush. Maybe someone’s been messing with the thermostat. Either way, a back-up deodorant is always a good idea. Malin+Goetz’s deploys natural ingredients like eucalyptus and citronellyl, to banish smells without drying out your skin.

Shine-killing moisturiser

Men’s skin is thicker than women’s and has more oil-producing sebaceous glands, which is why it tends to get greasy as the day wears on (especially if you have to endure shifting temperatures). A pre-meeting dab of Bulldog’s Oil Control Blemish Targeter banishes excess oil and also works to stop spots before they erupt.

Fragrance that doesn’t fumigate

Sadly, you can’t stay shower-fresh all day. So whether you’re heading straight out from work, or meeting a client, a fragrance refresh can be handy. Look for one with light, citrus notes, which won’t have people holding their noses in the lift. Oliver Sweeney’s Argento, with its light but masculine patchouli, cedar and sandalwood, will have you smelling sweet but not overpowering.

An early morning eye-opener

Late nights (be they for work or play) imprint themselves under your eyes. Like an espresso for your eye bags, Clinique’s Anti-Fatigue Eye Roll-On provides a jolt of caffeine that gets rid of dark circles and provides a soothing massage, courtesy of its clever rollerball. No one will ever know you’ve barely slept.

The hair saviour

Unexpected weather is the enemy of neat hair. By the time you’re at your desk, you’re safe from wind and showers for the rest of the day. Which is why you should stow a jar of Murdock’s Matt Mud there, for any touch-ups. It’s light enough to not weigh hair down and leaves it with a non-sticky finish.

Words: Tom Banham
Photography: Chris Howlett
Styling: Freddie Kemp