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The best winter haircuts

The best winter haircuts

Winter is not a friend to your hair. You’ve barely left the barber before your sharp ‘do has been flattened by rain or a beanie. But you don’t have to embrace the drowned rat look. These cuts are all made for wet weather, either because they’re impossible to ruin or are easy to restyle once the rain’s gone.

The haircut that wind can’t wreck

What is it? Shaggy layers across your whole head.

Why it’s good for winter: As a haircut designed to blow in the breeze, it looks best a little windswept.

Ask your barber for: “A blunt-cut square layer,” says Denis Robinson, artistic director at award-winning barber Ruffians. “He should use sea salt spray for the blow dry, leave it soft and natural, or work in a tiny bit of clay for a slightly more grunge look.”

Best face shape: Hearts and ovals. Avoid if yours is very round as all that volume can make your head look a bit shrunken.

The haircut for hat-wearers

What is it? A cut that gives the illusion of length, but without all the bulk.

Why it works in winter: Because the sides are tight, the hair on top will lay straight and flat under any headgear. When you take off your hat, just shake your head and run your fingers through your hair to pop it back into shape.

Ask your barber for: Either scissor taper back and sides, or for a more extreme version, a medium to hard fade. “The disconnected top should be layered and heavily textured, to give you volume,” says Robinson. To make it properly winterproof, you can slick it back with pomade.

Best face shape: Oval, but it will also soften square jaws.

The haircut you can forget about

What is it? "A nicely tailored, scissor crop,” says Robinson.

Why it works in winter: “It’s easy to maintain because the length is short and textured, so all you need is to rough it up and you’ve got the texture and detail back in place.”

Ask your barber for: A point cut with texture on top and scissor over comb around the back and sides. This leaves the hairline a natural taper, rather than any hard lines. Style it with a little hair dust or styling paste, to keep the texture light and avoid clumping.

Best face shape: Anything with roundness, because the sharp lines will create definition.

The less-is-more haircut

What is it? Clippers set as close as you can stand.

Why it works in winter: "High and tight is always weatherproof – you can chuck rain, hail, snow and gale-force winds at this one and it will never let you down," says Robinson. Normally a summer cut, if you grow it a touch longer on top it feels a touch richer. And warmer.

Ask your barber for: A bald fade on the back and sides, and keep it shorter at the crown. Let the front grow out a little.

Best face shape: Anything, although it will make round faces look rounder, and square faces more angular.

Words: Theresa Harold
Illustration: Joe Prytherch