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The best spring haircuts for men

The best spring haircuts for men

There aren’t many things that you wear in sun, snow and everything in between. But no matter the weather, you can’t take off a haircut. So just as you’d rethink your wardrobe when it starts to warm up, it’s worth asking your barber for something new, too. With spring comes not only showers, but also the prospect of sweatier days, meaning you’ll need a ‘do that can deal with moisture of all kinds.

Lucky for you, we have an expert on-hand to steer you right this season. Denis Robinson, artistic director at award-winning barber Ruffians, is your guide to follicular happiness. No matter what the weather throws your way.

The groomed groom

What is it? A 40s-inspired mid-fade, with a polished finish, which will look great in any formal scenario.

Why it’s good for spring: “As spring arrives, so does wedding season,” says Denis. “Even if you aren’t making the trip down the aisle yourself, the chances are you’re going to watch someone else do it.”

Ask your barber for: A mid-fade and clean (but not hard) parting.

How to style: After washing your hair, apply a medium-hold grooming cream and comb it into a side-parting. Using a hairdryer, dry the crown and sides, making them flat and smooth. Then, using a brush, lift the hair from where the parting starts and sweep it over to the other side, drying as you go. Finish with a pomade, then comb into shape and allow to settle.

The choppy crop

What is it? A suave scissor cut that’s a bit less sharp and short than the crops that have come before it. That makes it a bit easier to keep sharp when the wind and rain try to blow it out of shape.

Why it’s good for spring: “This cut is incredibly low-maintenance so is great for guys who just want to get outside as the weather warms up,” says Denis.

Ask your barber for: A scissor point cut, finger-length all-over crop. If you're addicted to clippers and fades, add a taper at the nape.

How to style: After washing, towel dry, then mix some styling paste and hair dust together and work evenly through the hair. Leave to dry by itself, Denis recommends.

The big sweep

What is it? A mid-length cut with textured layers that’s ideal for volume lovers.

Why it’s good for spring: According to our grooming guru, this style is on-trend and great for partying outside, where you won’t want anything that looks too fussy.

Ask your barber for: A point cut box layer with the weight removed, for featheriness.

How to style: Spritz a salt spray into the roots only, then blow-dry your hair with your head upside down. When it’s around 75 per cent there, stand back up and dry the remainder on a low speed, pushing your hair away from your face. Right at the end, give it a blast of cold air with your dryer and finish with a small smear of styling paste.

The crock pot crop

What is it? “Fear not, your mum isn’t coming at you with a pudding bowl,” says Denis. “This precision-cut style is way more flattering than an at-home kitchen cut.”

Why it’s good for spring: Whether you’re throwing on a baseball cap or hiding under a beanie, this haircut can survive any headgear. And if go bare-headed and get rained on, it’s easy to style back into place.

Ask your barber for: “There are two ways to approach this one,” says Denis. “If you have super thick-hair, I would suggest a shallow undercut so that the hair on top hugs the head, rather than giving it the full-on Jim Carey page boy. The undercut should be faded out to keep it looking sharp.” Alternatively, go for a scissor taper leaving weight on top for volume.

How to style: Use a touch of styling cream, applied to wet hair, and hold your hairdryer above your head to dry into a flatter shape. Once dry, mess up with your hands and possibly add a touch of styling paste for separation, Denis suggests.

Words: Theresa Harold
Illustration: Joe Prytherch