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The best autumn haircuts

The best autumn haircuts

By now, you’ve probably invested in a few hardworking autumn essentials – a new pair of sturdy boots, a patterned knit, and a handsome new jacket that you can’t wait until it’s finally cold enough to throw on. So why not get a haircut to make your autumn transformation truly head-to-toe? We spoke with Denis Robinson, hair expert and creative director at award-winning barbers Ruffians to get his take on the best hairstyles of the season – from a smooth and sleek style to loose locks that look like they’re made for blustery autumn days. Unfortunately, the hat hair we can't help you with. 

Curved fringe crop 

The cut: “A short cut with a slightly longer, curved fringe – the kind that will neatly tuck into your beanie.” 

Why it’s great for autumn: “Winter is coming, and it’s not a sign of John Snow. Party season means sharpening up those relaxed locks from autumn, and giving them a stronger edge. Crops are always popular, it’s just cool to give them a slightly different focus during this time of year.”

Tell your barber: “Ask your barber for a mid-to-high fade with a short crown that builds to length on the fringe area. To reduce weight while leaving length, ask your barber to cut with clippers but work with the grain rather than against. Lasly, request that the fringe is cropped high, hugging your hairline.”

How to style it: “There are two cool ways to style this look: after washing your hair, towel dry thoroughly and apply either paste or clay to hair when it’s still slightly damp."

Textured bowl cut 

The cut: “Consider this the cold-weather take on the summer pageboy. This bowl is cut to work with your natural texture and enhance movement.”

Why it’s great for autumn: “All that natural movement is perfect for wind-tousled days.”

Tell your barber: “Ask your stylist to bring the length up to just under the ear and graduate away some bulk around the back and sides. This will support the longer, heavier length on top.”

How to style it: “To get the most out of this look, apply some styling cream to damp hair and either blast dry or use a diffuser to lift the hair and enhance movement. Finish with some styling paste scrunched around the perimeter.”

The complementary cut

The cut: “This style will keep your beard and hair in tune with each other. It’s proof that longer hair can still feature a super low taper fade to keep it crisp and sharp. Pro tip: reverse the fade into the beard to keep it all nice and smooth.”

Why it’s great for autumn: “Participating in No Shave November? This one's for you.” 

Tell your stylist: “Get your stylist to give you a shallow undercut around the back and sides, with steep graduation and a hairline taper with a reverse taper so the hair blends perfectly into your beard. The upper lengths should be cut in a round layer from the crown.” 

How to style it: “Plump the top up with some styling cream and a hairdryer, then hold it in place with a light pomade to enhance movement and allow for flexibility.”

Textured pompadour

The cut: “The classic pompadour gets a new twist thanks to a matte look with texture rather than the super slick sensibility of decades past.” 

Why it’s great for autumn: “You’re about to start hitting Christmas parties, and this style will keep you looking smart.” 

Tell your stylist: “Get those clippers buzzing. You want to request a classic fade with sharp edges. Rather than club-cut the length, ask them to cut lots of texture in to let some air in there.” 

How to style it: “To maintain the look, spritz in some salt spray at the roots and work through with your fingers while drying it. To finish off, sprinkle some styling dust into the palm of your hand, rub them together, and work through the ends of your hair.” 

Words: Allison Pavlick
Illustration: Calum Heath