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The autumn grooming guide

The autumn grooming guide

The shift from one season to the next doesn't just test your wardrobe. After a summer of heatwaves, your skin now has to cope with weather that's more bitter and less predictable. Fortunately, there are ways to keep that summer glow even when the rain’s coming in sideways. Expert Steven O’Neill, from The Grooming Clinic, reveals your wet weather weapons.


Stay hydrated

Even if you escaped sunburn, four months of summer rays will have baked your skin. “It’s often dehydrated and struggles to repair itself,” says O’Neill. The answer? “Use a non-drying face wash at least once daily.” If your skin’s looking a little lifeless, odds are it’s because of a build-up of grime. Soaps mess with your skin’s pH balance but a dedicated scrub won’t leave you with that tight, puckered feeling. Look for one with glycolic acid, a molecule that’s minute enough to dive deep into skin cells and fill them with moisture.

Anthony Logistics Glycolic Facial Cleanser, £26


Don’t forget the SPF

Even if it’s not hot enough to burn, the sun’s UV rays are still bad news for skin cells. Daily exposure can lead to nasties like skin cancer, but even if you don’t develop melanomas, the sun’s still the biggest cause of skin that looks old before its time. “You should use a daily moisturiser with SPF all year round,” says O’Neill. That way, you won’t forget to protect.

Bulldog Protective Moisturiser, £8


Take your regime up a level

If your moisturiser isn’t quite cutting it, you might need some bathroom reinforcements. Serums provide a targeted dose of happy-skin ingredients; think of them like facial special forces. “A hydrating, vitamin-enriched serum will improve your skin's vitality,” says O’Neill. Look for one formulated to cope with whichever specific issues you’re facing, be they ageing, wrinkles or just skin that looks a bit tired.

The Ordinary Serum, £11.90


Get more vitamin C

If a summer in the sun has left your face a bit patchy, it's time to call in the big guns. Eat vitamin C and it peps up your immune system; smear it on your face and it does a similar job for your skin. You can't just wash in OJ, though. Because the vitamin C molecule is so unstable, you need a dedicated product that's designed to get it deep into your skin, which can be pricey. That said, if you want to look like you’ve had more than your share of beauty sleep, it’s worth it. “Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants,” says O’Neill. “It gives you that that, ‘You look well’ look.”

Hylamide Booster C25 Stabilised Vitamin C, £25


Rethink your hair products

At some point, it’s going to rain and you’re going to get caught without an umbrella. Which means you need to rethink what you put in your hair. Gels or powders will dissolve and leave you a sticky mess, so instead reach for something more adaptable. “Use pomades, styling creams and waxes,” says O’Neill. A comb in your pocket won’t hurt, either.

Ruffians Classic Pomade, £10


Illustration: Tim Lahan