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What exactly is: An unstructured blazer?

What exactly is: An unstructured blazer?

In a nutshell

An unstructured blazer is one that's comfortable and more casual than your average.


The term "blazer" was first coined in 1825, in reference to the red jackets worn by the rowing club of St John's College, Cambridge. The material was so red, it was thought to blaze and so the name was born. Though the blazer has in some sense remained true to its posh beginnings, it's also a smart-casual staple with variations that transcend dress style and age. Case in point: the unstructured blazer, which was developed as an unstuffy blazer antidote without shoulder pads or too much tailoring.

How to wear it well

"The unstructured blazer is the most casual type of all—which makes it easy to wear with jeans or chinos," says Thread stylist Luke McDonald. "It's usually fairly lightweight (more so than, say, a textured blazer) and cut to be roomy enough to fit a shirt and jumper underneath. The beauty of the item is that it can be an alternative to your blazers or your jackets; throw one on over a t-shirt, shirt and/or jumper, and pair it with jeans or chinos and minimal trainers or brogues. This style doesn't go too casual (e.g., it wouldn't look great over a sweatshirt or graphic tee) and it's also not ultra-smart (e.g., it won't go with a formal shirt and tie)."