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What exactly is: A Harrington jacket?

What exactly is: A Harrington jacket?

In a nutshell

A Harrington is a functional, casual jacket with a high collar and a zip down the front; it looks good on guys from 18 to 80.


Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra and James Dean can all take credit for popularizing the Harrington jacket in the 1960s, around 30 years after it was first designed by Baracuta in Manchester. But McQueen wore it most memorably, with t-shirts, jeans and boots.

How to wear one well

"If you have a Harrington hanging with your other jackets by the door, you'll grab it more than the others," says Thread senior stylist Sophie Bailey-Hine. "They're an easy layer, and many of them are windproof, which is ideal for our always-fluctuating weather. But the Harringon jacket is definitely a casual piece, so you should wear it with other relaxed clothes: jeans, t-shirts, jumpers, trainers, desert boots and wallabies."

Photographed: Jigsaw Harrington jacket (£169), Whistles black jeans (£80), Oliver Sweeney white trainers (£279), Research Garments grey t-shirt (£15)