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Three essential spring coats

Three essential spring coats

They say there’s a season for everything. A season for big puffer jackets, and a season for seersucker blazers. Spring, as it turns out, is the season for versatile coats. It’s when you emerge from your wintry cocoon and rediscover the joys of dressing in lighter colours.

“With winter coming to a close, you want a coat or a jacket that will help you transition to warmer weather,” says Thread stylist Millie Rich. “But you don't want to just ditch your overcoat without a back-up plan.”

So what do you wear when you’re set to experience four seasons in one day? Well, the short answer is layers. Not only do they help you adjust your body temperature as conditions fluctuate, but it also helps to add some visual interest into your spring outfits.

For most people, a good spring coat is one that won’t stain easily if it gets rained on, won’t look too wintry against your lighter clothes, and isn’t too heavy if you do end up having to carry it over your arm. In short, this trio of classic weather-beaters.

The trench

Why it’s perfect for spring

The trench has earned its place in many a man’s springtime wardrobe because of its water-resistance and weighs next to nothing. It’s also got a collar which you can turn up against the rain (for the full Humphrey Bogart look).

How to style it

“Traditionally, a trench has been seen as a formal coat,” says Millie. “But it also works for casual outfits. Opt for a longer than average style if you want it to be a bit more fashionable.”

For maximum longevity, stone and navy are the classics. They're timeless and go with everything from a three-piece suit to jeans and a hoodie.

The raincoat

Why it’s perfect for spring

The clue’s in the name – it’ll protect you from the rain. “If you’re wanting to avoid the rain completely, look for coats with welded seams, which will make it waterproof as opposed to just water-resistant,” says Millie.

How to style it

“You don’t have to think of a raincoat as that practical Gore-Tex jacket that your dad used to wear,” says Millie. Minimalist Scandinavian brands, like Rains and Stutterheim, are particularly adept at nailing the middle-ground between practical and beautiful. “I think simple raincoats are easier to wear in a bold or pastel colour,” says Millie.

This is definitely a more casual style, so team it with jeans or cords. “Because raincoats aren’t lined and they tend to be oversized, they’re easy to wear with a few layers underneath,” says Millie.

The bomber jacket

Why it’s perfect for spring

While the original bomber jackets were extremely insulating and designed to keep pilots warm in open cockpits, the modern versions come in lighter materials such as waxed cotton or wool blends. What’s stayed the same though is the cropped length and boxy structure.

“It’s short so it automatically feels like you’re wearing something lighter,” says Millie. “For spring, we’ve gone with a wool option so it’s a bit warmer and it means that it’s more versatile.”

How to style it

As Millie points out, the beauty of a bomber jacket is that it’s collarless, which means you can layer a hoodie underneath it and it won’t bunch up around your neck. It’s a casual style, so wear with jeans and a t-shirt.

Words: Theresa Harold
Photography: Jon Cardwell
Styling: Millie Rich