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Q&A: Should I buy a leather jacket?

Q&A: Should I buy a leather jacket?

No matter the time of year, Thread’s senior stylist Sam Monaghan finds he wears his leather jacket. In winter, it provides some extra insulation under a coat; in autumn and spring it's just the right weight, and he even pulls his out on cool summer evenings (and days, given that the British summer isn't exactly known for its scorching heat).

"My leather jacket is one of the few things I wear year-round," Sam says. "It's classic, and it looks equally good over a t-shirt, shirt, hoodie or lighter jacket. I even like how mine looks with relaxed shorts and a t-shirt in summer. It's laid back, and a tad contrasting, which makes for an interesting look."

Think you, too, could turn to a leather jacket in cooler weather? Here, Thread's guide to figuring out whether to buy or not to buy, and which style is right for you.