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One small change: Upgrade your raincoat

One small change: Upgrade your raincoat

Why make the change?

"When it comes to raincoats, function and style don't have to be mutually exclusive. Instead of wearing the sporty raincoat you might throw on to walk the dog, invest in an equally practical—but much sharper—raincoat for the work week. The key things to look for: structured shoulders and buttons instead of zips, plus a technical fabric and a hood."

Thread senior stylist Sam Monaghan

Why this works

Photographed: Burberry raincoat (£495)

  1. Buttons and structured shoulders. "These make the raincoat on the right look much smarter than the one on the left, with its zippers and unstructured shoulders. They also fit with the tailoring and shape of the suit."
  2. It's longer than the suit jacket. "When your coat is shorter than your suit jacket or blazer, you might as well be back in school: you're breaking up the suit's shape, and letting the jacket get wet. Your raincoat should be longer than your longest suit jacket."