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Can I pull off: A denim jacket?

Can I pull off: A denim jacket?

"This question comes up more than you might think," says Thread's lead stylist, Kasia Katner. "The denim jacket is obviously a staple—it's insulating for autumn, and you can wear one under coats when it cools down—but people can wonder about the best way to wear one. The main reason is that jeans are our casual go-to, and double denim is tricky to pull off."

Below, Kasia talks us through the reasons the denim jacket works so well in the photo below, and shares some tips to getting your own look right—including the secrets to wearing double denim with aplomb.

Photographed: Natural Selection denim jacket (£170), Ralph Lauren cream jumper (£115), Norse Projects navy chinos (£100), Red Wing boots (£239)

1. Keep it simple. "When it comes to denim jackets—and most other casual clothes—the simplest designs are easiest to wear well: there aren't any details that will clash with other items you're wearing. This version is a reliable choice, in washed indigo denim. You don't need to buy anything pre-distressed, as denim breaks in well on its own."

2. Wear a light-coloured t-shirt or jumper. "The cream jumper here breaks up the colour of the jacket and chinos; without it, the outfit could look a bit dark and monotonous. A t-shirt or sweatshirt in a colour like white or grey could also do the job. The contrasting texture of the cable knit adds a bit of visual interest, too." 

3. Make sure your jacket and trousers don't match. "A denim jacket is easy to wear with chinos of any colour, as the fabrics are different enough. Double denim can work, too: the trick is to mix very different colours—like an indigo jacket with black jeans, or a grey jacket with navy jeans. Go for maximum contrast and it won't even look like double denim."

4. Stick to casual shoes. "Denim is a tough, practical fabric. Because leather boots are also rugged and casual, they make a great match for the jacket. Brown is a good option too: it's a foolproof choice for footwear, and always goes nicely with navy and indigo denim. Minimal trainers, or other casual boots, would also go well."