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Clothing Care Tips

How to look after suede shoes

How to look after suede shoes

Even The King himself (we mean Elvis, of course) advocated for looking after suede shoes properly. So much so, he even dedicated an entire song to it. And you should heed his advice. Suede is a luxurious fabric that instantly elevates any outfit, but too much wear, especially when the elements are involved, can result in scuffs and stains. That’s why some TLC can go a long way.

The first crucial step is spraying them up when they’re brand new – this will prevent scuffing as much as possible. But know that spraying them only once isn’t enough. “Keep your suede shoes pristine by reapplying the suede protector every three months,” advises Thread stylist Luke McDonald. “Try to avoid wearing them in rainy weather, too, as water stains suede.”

It’s likely that, after a bit of wear, your suede shoes will begin to look a little more loved. And sometimes, when the weather can’t be predicted, they may suffer a few water stains. But not to worry – there are a few things you can do to repair any damage done.

“Along with your protector, it’s also wise to invest in a suede brush as well,” Luke says. “With your brush, you can remove any dust or dirt on the nap when the shoes are dry, but gently so as not to damage it. For tougher stains, try a plain gum eraser or even a standard pencil eraser.”

Weirdly enough, water stains can actually be removed by water itself, so try brushing carefully with a wet brunch and then drying with a cloth. “After you’ve done this, use shoe trees to help the shoes keep their shape,” Luke says. “Using shoe trees in general, especially for formal shoes, really help maintain suede footwear.” 

We assure you, these small efforts to look after and clean your suede shoes are entirely worth it – and we’re certain Elvis would agree.

Words: Ashiana Pradhan
Photography: Angus Williams
Styling: Toby Standing