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Should I wear a watch?

Should I wear a watch?

In our hyper-connected world, a watch can seem like an unneccesary thing to wear. Chances are that you spend your day looking at screens, all of which have the time prominently displayed and which will notify you whenever you have an appointment. But wearing a watch is about much more than just telling the time. The right style can make you look smarter and liven up any outfit. Thread stylist Alexander McCalla explains why a smart timepiece is one accessory worth sticking with.

It’s jewellery that's easy to wear

Gold and black watch

Photographed: Larsson & Jennings Lugano watch (£215)

“Other than a wedding ring, a lot of men struggle with jewellery,” says Alexander. “But because watches have so much history – and because they actually do a job – anyone can wear one without it making too much of statement. Which is why it’s worth thinking about your watch in the same way as you would a bracelet or a ring; it shouldn’t be too loud, too big or the first thing people see – you’re not Flava Flav. A subtle flash of gold on a black watch is a more refined way to make an impression.”

It’s smarter than checking your phone

Watch with phone and notepad

Photographed: Braun BN0032 watch (£119)

“Checking the time while you’re speaking to somebody can be a bit awkward, but checking your phone is always ruder. Especially if you’re the kind of guy who gets distracted by the inevitable notifications. A quick glance at your watch is more subtle and also more elegant. It’s also good to give your brain a break from screens.”

It’s an easy way to add colour

Nato strap watch

Photographed: Timex Archive Weston Avenue watch (£115)

“Whether you’re colour averse or just look good in all-black, a colourful watch strap is a really simple way to make monochrome outfits look less flat. You don’t have to go overboard – a simple stripe or something seasonal, like burgundy and green in autumn – will stand out when the clothes it’s against are more muted. It’s also really useful in summer, when you don’t have many layers to play with. A white t-shirt and navy shorts looks a lot more interesting with a flash of red on your wrist.”