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Q&A: What's the best watch for me?

Q&A: What's the best watch for me?

"Apple may be vying to make analog watches obsolete, but I like them because they make every outfit a bit more thoughtful and individual," says Thread stylist Millie Rich.

"A watch can be like a haircut: it says something about you, and you wear it every day—so you can choose for it to make a statement or just to subtly complement what you usually wear. But you could also make your choice less of an investment by buying a few inexpensive watches to wear whenever the mood strikes."

Millie's high-level watch advice: "The most versatile watches are analog—because they're more classic and require less maintenance than digital ones. Choose one with a face around the size of a 50p coin, and it'll be big enough to read, but not so big it's overpowering."

Here, she shares the best watches for five different situations. 

If you've never worn a watch

Photographed: Larsson & Jennings navy watch (£315)

Go for: A watch with a navy strap.

Reasons why: "You want to start with a watch that's basic and comfortable and that will last. Leather feels good on your wrist and won't clang against your keyboard, and it will look good even after years of constant wear. A navy strap is a bit more interesting than black or brown—but this watch still goes with clothes of all colours and styles (just not suits)."

If you usually dress smartly (or have a large or small wrist)

Photographed: Larsson & Jennings chain-metal watch (£225)

Go for: A chain-link or chain-metal watch.

Reasons why: "These two types of metal watches are the smartest of the bunch: you can wear them with everything from suits to blazers and jeans (but nothing more casual than that).

"Both are also good for guys with small or large wrists because they're more adjustable than leather. Chain-metal watches—which have straps made of meshlike metal—are good for small wrists because you can tighten them as much as you like and tuck any excess strap in. Chain-link watches, with straps made of individual links, work well for large wrists: you can add links until they fit."

If you only want to wear a watch at weekends

Photographed: Daniel Wellington red, white and blue watch (£149)

Go for: A watch with a colourful nylon strap.

Reasons why: "To me, the weekend is the perfect time to wear a watch. It helps you take a much-needed break from your phone, and it adds colour and personality to your weekend basics. Go for one bright colour on a strap made from nylon (sometimes called a NATO strap), which is more durable than other materials." 

If you want to make a statement

Go for: A watch with a bold-coloured strap.

Reasons why: "This one's obvious: A red or green watch adds some life to an otherwise neutral outfit. While your first inclination might be to wear all one colour and the bright watch, that's actually too extreme a contrast. Instead, wear a watch like this with any combination of neutrals—from stone to white to navy—but no other bright colours." 

If you want the most classic of classics (but get bored easily)

Photographed: Daniel Wellington watch with detachable strap (£179)

Go for: A watch with an interchangeable brown leather strap. 

Reasons why: "You can't get more classic than a watch with a large, round face and a brown leather strap. This style is masculine and goes with basically everything (except black suits, which are too formal). And if you get one with a detachable strap, you can switch it to something more colourful when you want to make more of a statement, or a nylon strap for a weekend away. This watch is actually the same face as the one in the weekend watch photo above!"