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One small change: Upgrade your sunglasses

One small change: Upgrade your sunglasses

Why make the change?

"Say you're wearing your favourite shirt with jeans that look great on you. If you then throw on your cycling sunglasses, you let the whole look down. I'd think of sunglasses as a part of your outfit—an important one, because they're on your face! Every person speaking with you will be staring at them, so you want them to make a good impression." 

Thread style director Shaunie Brett

Why this works

1. The shape is more flattering. "Sport sunglasses are optimised for playing sports, not flattering your face. Because they're short and shallow, they can make you look bug-eyed and as if you're from the future. Clubmaster sunglasses like the ones shown on the right are designed to flatter your face; Wayfarer styles are, too. If you don't like either of those shapes, try Aviators: they’re a nice middle ground between sporty and stylish."
2. You can see the eyebrows. "You need your eyebrows! If your sunglasses cover them, your face loses expression and structure."
3. The neutral colour goes with everything. "Sporty sunglasses often have colourful lenses and/or frames that are really eye-catching and can clash with clothes. I'd think of your sunglass colour the way you think about your most versatile smart shoes: black or brown are both great. Choose whichever you like more."