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One small change: Trade your backpack for a bag

One small change: Trade your backpack for a bag

Why make the change?

"The main reason is perfectly practical," says Thread  stylist Alice Watt. "Your backpack is knackering your suit. The straps ruin the shape of the suit's shoulders and make the fabric fade much more quickly. And if the backpack gets damp (which isn't unlikely in this country), it'll change the suit's shape, decolour it, and maybe make it smell a bit.

"A holdall can fit everything your backpack would, from your gym kit to your laptop, and you can still keep your hands free by choosing one with a cross-body strap. Aesthetically, a neat leather holdall matches the suit's formal vibe."

Photographed: Barbour leather holdall (£299) 

Why this works

  1. Saves the suit from getting damaged. "By not wearing a backpack on your shoulders, you're preserving the suit's sharp cut, especially in the shoulders."
  2. Keeps the suit's body from bunching and pulling. "The backpack on the left pulls on the suit jacket, making it look creased, pulled up and basically not as attractive. Even if you're only wearing the jacket for your commute, this can lead to long-term damage and little annoyances, like loosened buttons."
  3. Leather (or faux leather) complements the suit's fabric. "Leather's shine makes it go better with a tailored suit than something like rough canvas, which can be too rugged. Athough some sleeker canvas and nylon totes are still sharp enough to go with suits."