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One small change: Tie your own bow tie

One small change: Tie your own bow tie

Why make the change?

"There's just something really elegant about a bowtie you've tied yourself (or that someone else has tied for you). It looks real and full, whereas a pre-tied bow tie can look quite flat."

Thread’s style director, Shaunie Brett 

Why this works

  1. The self-tied bowtie sits naturally. "The pre-tied tie looks too springy, and it can sit too far from the neck, especially if your shirt has a big collar. By tying it yourself, you make the tie look more natural and full. This one is bigger, but you can get slimmer styles as well."
  2. You can have someone else tie it, then put it on from the back. "If you can't tie yours, ask someone else to do it on the part of their leg that's about the same width as your neck. Then undo the clasp at the back to put it on."
  3. You can leave the tie hanging loose later in the night. "Guys tend to love the look (and feel) of a bow tie hanging loose around their necks on the dance floor. Can't do that with pre-tied."