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One small change: Downsize your wallet

One small change: Downsize your wallet

Why make the change?

"A bulky wallet pulls your trousers in an unattractive way and can even cause permanent stretching and fade marks on them. On the other hand, a slim wallet looks much smarter—and makes you feel more organised to boot."

Thread senior stylist Alice Watt

Why this works

Photographed: Oliver Spencer card holder (£35)

  1. Your trousers can look look their best. "Trousers, from jeans to formal trousers, aren't made to fit a brick-sized wallet in any pocket, be it front or side. So they tend to stretch and strain when you shove one of said wallets into them. A slim cardholder or billfold keeps trousers sitting as they should."
  2. A sleek wallet plays better at the till. "A thick velcro wallet, for instance, tends to put a damper on an otherwise lovely first date."
  3. On top of that, you'll feel calmer. "If you strip out everything you don't need from your wallet, you'll look and feel more organised and professional. Have a think about what you actually use every day—which can't be much more than one or two bank cards and a travel ticket—and clear out the rest. You can grab things like loyalty cards and gift tokens as and when you need them."