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Four of the best sunglasses for summer

Four of the best sunglasses for summer

It’s an (unverified) fact that everyone looks better in sunglasses. There is something about the way that they frame your face and create a sense of mystery that makes them hard to beat. While any man can wear any style, there are some shapes that will sit better than others on your face.

Once you’ve worked out what the best style for you is, then you can start to play around with different colours and shapes. Finding the right pair is like getting the perfect haircut or being given a free coffee in the morning, it’s a little hit of joy that boosts your mood.

“The thing I love about sunglasses is that they instantly add life to your outfit,” says stylist Izzy Harvey. “It’s such a small accessory, but it can have a massive impact.”

Make it round

If you live in your aviators but feel like you want a change, then try a round frame. “The minimalism of these is what really stands out for me – they’re so simple but they make an impact. I like that they’re not quite an aviator but close enough that you can wear them in the same kind of way,” says Izzy.

Who they suit: “I think rounded frames work best on square faces – the kind with that chiselled matinee idol jawline. They’re flattering without adding too much weight and shape to your face.”

Lose the colour

The clear frame is having a bit of a moment in the spotlight right now. Why? Because they suit guys at any age – from cool trendy designers in Brooklyn to Liverpool FC manager Jürgen Klopp, there's a style for everyone. “Clear frames are my favourite style right now, they just feel a bit more exciting.”

Who they suit: “This pale champagne colour is a bit easier to wear than completely clear ones and will suit all skin tones. This shape is kind of a hybrid between an aviator and wayfarer, so it will suit most face shapes but would look particularily great on anyone with an oval-shaped face.”

Keep it classic

You can’t beat a tortoiseshell frame. Flattering for every complexion they’re a timeless colour that goes with anything. “This Oliver Spencer pair is great because the combination of tortoiseshell with the metal bridge feels like a modern take on a classic style.”

Who they suit: “Like a wayfarer, this style is still quite angular but the rounded corners soften things up and make them flattering on the face. They would be great on someone with a square face shape, because the rounded edges will add balance.”

The original

The wayfarer is one of the most iconic sunglasses shapes – Ray Ban has been making them for over 60 years and it is still one of their most popular styles. “I love how ageless they are. You’d look equally as cool wearing them by a pool in the South of France as you would at a summer festival wearing a band t-shirt and pale denim. They’re so versatile,” says Izzy.

Who they suit: “Anyone can wear wayfarers, but they’re particularly flattering if you have a rounder face shape because the straight angles of the glasses add definition to your face.”



Words: Nadia Balame-Price
Photography: Lola & Pani
Styling: Millie Rich
Styling assistant: Izzy Harvey