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Can I pull off: A bracelet?

Can I pull off: A bracelet?

If there's a stylists' truism, it's this: accessories can be tough to pull off. But when it comes to bracelets, the payoff can be worth it. (Thanks, by the way, to Thread user Paul for this question.)

"If you're looking for a way to make your same old clothes more interesting—or to show some personality when dressed entirely in neutrals—a simple bracelet can do the trick," says Thread stylist Alice Watt.

That said, wearing a bracelet well requires restraint. Below, Alice shares three tips to picking and wearing a bracelet without looking over the top.

Photographed: Alice Made This silver bracelet (£270); Our Legacy chambray shirt (£115); Gant navy-blue chinos (£140)

1. Wear just one. "Don't crowd your wrist or, worse, both of them. One bracelet is all you need to show you know what you're doing. If you wear a watch too, make sure the styles match: a smarter watch should be teamed with a similar bracelet."

2. Invest in quality. "Go for real gold or silver, or nice leather. These will last longer than other materials—and they'll look appropriate for longer, too. Think of someone whose style you admire who's ten years your senior. If you think he'd look good in the bracelet in question, you'll probably love it for a decade, too. The goal is to wear the bracelet for years and for it to really become a signature of yours."

3. Keep the design (and your clothes) simple. "Bracelets add subtle, thoughtful detail to an outfit. There are two implications to this: 1. Your outfit is otherwise quite simple, and 2. Your bracelet need not be too out-there to make the point. Keep it minimalist and fuss-free."