Warm jumper Our stylists’ favourites for you, plus some tips on how to wear them well

Why you need a warm jumper
I imagine this is fairly obvious, but here’s my two pence: You can wear these every time you leave home this winter—to holiday parties, to work, to afternoons at the pub. They’re as warm and comfortable as sweatshirts, but smarter and not overly thick. And the classic crewneck shape works with both t-shirts and shirts.

Stylist, Shaunie Brett

The fit tips
  • The more basic the item, the more important it is that it fits well. Which means jumpers’ fit is everything.
  • Yours fits if it ends about halfway down your trouser fly; any shorter and it will ride up and feel uncomfortable.
The best shirts to wear underneath

Any sort of shirt works under these jumpers because the thick-knit necks keep shirt collars neatly in place. But thicker shirts—made from flannel or chambray—have collars that stand up nicely, and will keep you extra warm.

The matching guide
  • Navy and grey jumpers go with: black, brown, stone, khaki, denim and navy trousers, and black or brown shoes.
  • Black jumpers go with: all of the same colours except brown trousers and shoes.
The ways to keep them like new
  • Always fold or roll jumpers. If you hang them, the necks and shoulders will lose their shape.
  • Had moth problems before? Keep something cedar nearby; moths hate the smell.
  • De-bobble jumpers with a sweater-shaver (or a disposable razor in a pinch).
The smartness scale
  • Smartest outfit: Warm jumper, white shirt, formal trousers, brogues and a tailored jacket and/or overcoat (no tie).
  • Most casual outfit: Warm jumper, t-shirt, jeans, trainers or work boots and a parka. Chinos make this a bit smarter.
The textured knit

Jumpers with thick, textured knits are really warm, and they can look high quality even if they're inexpensive. They’re best worn simply: with a t-shirt and jeans or chinos and leather shoes.

The way to make your jumper look different

Change the shirt underneath. A patterned, coloured or textured shirt adds some personality (try checked, spotted or chambray). A t-shirt or untucked shirt makes your outfit more casual, and a tucked-in Oxford shirt looks smart.

The trick to not overheating

If it's warmer than 14°, a thick-knit wool jumper plus a winter coat will likely be too hot; wear your jumper with a jacket or mac instead.

The fabric glossary

Wool: Warmest and most resilient. Historically dry-clean only, but fabric innovations have made some wool jumpers machine washable.

Cashmere: Soft, elegant, dry-clean only and often an investment. Go for a cashmere blend to get some of the softness without overspending.

Cotton: Least costly and easiest to care for: wash cold, hang dry. Not as warm as wool or cashmere.