Practical gloves Our stylists’ favourites for you, plus some tips on how to wear them well

Why you need a pair of practical gloves
Gloves keep your hands warm, obviously, but they also prevent the skin on your hands from drying out and—by keeping you from stuffing your hands in your pockets—they can stop you from slouching, too. I’d get two pairs: knit gloves to add texture to a casual outfit, and leather gloves to make a wool coat or suit look that bit sharper.

Stylist, Kasia K.

The trick to not losing them

Tuck gloves into your coat’s breast pocket when you go inside. This’ll keep you from losing them, and also smarten up an outfit like a pocket square would (without looking quite as deliberate).

The iconic style

Petrolhead Steve McQueen made driving gloves iconic; the problem is they’re not warm. The plain leather gloves here have the same classic, masculine style, plus extra insulation. Wear a brown pair with a field jacket, chinos and desert boots to get a McQueen-style look.

The sizing

The gloves shown here use one of two types of sizing. To find both, measure the circumference of the widest part of the hand you write with and round it to the nearest inch; that’s your number glove size. 7.5-8 is Small, 9-9.5 is Medium, 9.5-10 is Large and 10.5-11 is X-Large.

The best gloves for ...

Sweaty hands: Cotton or light wool knit gloves are breathable, so they’ll keep your hands from getting clammy.

The best gloves for ...

Cold hands: Shearling-lined leather gloves are the warmest.

The best gloves for ...

An outdoorsy streak: Go with wool gloves (especially fingerless) if you need to be nimble, or shearling gloves if you want warmth and resilience.

The best gloves for ...

A shopping aversion: Leather gloves last longer than wool ones, so you won’t need to replace them for years.

The best gloves for ...

A busy schedule: Lined or knitted gloves are the easiest to get your hands into and out of as you run indoors and out.

The right colour leather for you

If you're going for leather gloves and have mostly black shoes, buy black. If most of your shoes are brown, buy brown.