Autumn-y jumper Our stylists’ favourites for you, plus some tips on how to wear them well

Why you need an autumn-y jumper
We’re all about the practicality of neutrals like navy, grey and black, but autumn’s a nice time to bring colour into your usual outfits (without looking over the top). The jumpers here—in shades of brown, burgundy and green—do just that. They show you’ve put a bit of thought into what you’re wearing, and they're easy to pull off.

Stylist, Alice Watt

The right weight
  • For smartness: Fine-gauge knit are thinner and a bit smarter than heavier jumpers—so you can wear them with anything from a suit to jeans.
  • For comfort: Look for a thick-knit wool, which will be warmer and looser than a fine-knit jumper (and also more casual).
The v-neck vs. crew neck debate

V-neck jumpers are designed to sit perfectly over shirts with one or two buttons undone, and they look particularly good with ties.

Crew neck jumpers are more casual. While they don't jive as well with ties, they look better over t-shirts.

The trick to wearing one well

Colour looks most sophisticated when it’s the one interesting element of your outfit—so these jumpers go well with neutral clothes, like indigo or grey jeans, navy or stone chinos, and white shirts.

The complexion question

“Guys often ask which colours will work best with their skin tone,” says Alice. “The good thing about autumnal colours is that they honestly suit everyone.

"We stylists call them 'earth tones,' because the colours are natural. I think that's why they don’t jar with any skin colours.”

The ways to keep them like new
  • Always fold or roll jumpers. If you hang them, the necks and shoulders will lose their shape.
  • Had moth problems before? Keep something cedar nearby; moths hate the smell.
  • De-bobble jumpers with a sweater-shaver (or a disposable razor in a pinch).
The details to look for

Generally, you'll want the colour to be the focus of your jumper—which will mean no extra details. But some subtleties aren't overpowering, like elbow patches or small (pound-coin-size or smaller) logos.

The fit tips
  • The more basic the item, the more important it is that it fits well. Which means jumpers’ fit is everything.
  • Yours fits if it ends about halfway down your trouser fly; any shorter and it will ride up and feel uncomfortable.
The fabric glossary

Wool: Warmest and most resilient. Historically dry-clean only, but innovations have made some wool jumpers machine washable.

Cashmere: Soft, elegant, dry-clean only and often an investment. Go for a cashmere blend to get some softness without overspending.

Cotton: Least costly and easiest to care for: wash cold, hang dry. Not as warm as wool or cashmere.

The way to wear it throughout the year

These jumpers work just as well in winter as they do in autumn –just add a coat, scarf and hat.

And when it's warm at the end of summer, balance the jumper with light clothes like grey chinos and slip-on trainers.